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Vastu Dosha

Vastu Dosha by Royal Revolution

VastuShastra was brought into the limelight for the benefit of human welfare by sages in the Vedic period. Vastu acts as the bridge between nature and man. Essentially, every thing is connected with five elements - Water, Fire, Air, Space and Earth. Vastu can have deleterious effects when specific defects occur in certain directions. It is due to this reason that people seek Vastu remedy. Bad love life, financial worries and strained relationships are all the ill-effects of improper Vastu.

General Vastu Dosh and their Vastu remedies

1) Naked Walls:

Place an image or a statute of Lord Ganesh on the naked walls of your living place, especially the ones you visualize when just entering the residence.

Remember, bare walls denote loneliness and the suggested way to cover them up is with the picture of Lord Ganesh.

2) Truncated Energy Levels:

The energy circles of an office establishment or a residence can be enhanced by employing Swastika Yantra. However, the installion of this Yantra has to be done in a careful manner and has to be done under the supervision of religious experts.

3) Inauspicious images:

As per the remedies for Vastu suggested by VastuShastra, it is not a good sign for the individuals who evince interest in hanging posters illustrating crying women, war pictures, sexual scenes, owls or eagles, anger.

4) Doors:

If the doors and windows in an individual's house face outwards, then the VastuShastra suggests that the same position be changed so that they open inwards.

5) Kitchen items:

Keep heavy items such as shelf, grinders, fridge towards the west and the southern kitchens' wall.

6) Wrongly Built Toilets:

There will be a spurt in diseases in case a toilet is constructed at the eastern corner of the house. As such it is always advisable to build a toilet room towards the western direction or north direction.

7) Ill-designed Beds:

If a person suffers from health woes, make sure one rests on a bed that has four legs. Beds with boxes prevent air circulation which in turn spoils health.

8) Incorrect Boring:

If the boring of an independent house is kept at an incorrect direction, it is suggested to place an image of 'Panchmukhi Hanuman', facing South-West to the boring.

9) Drainage system or river in proximity with the building:

If a person's residence or the business establishment is located in the vicinity of a river or a drainage system which is drifting towards an anti-clockwise manner in a way apart from north- east, it is suggested to place a west-facing image of dancing Ganesh on the north-eastern angle of one's house or office.

10) Cactus: VastuShastra disapproves planting Cactuses in the premises of an individual.

If an individual is well-qualified and hugely experienced but still finds himself/herself not being employed properly, or not able to run his/her business successfully, then he/she may be advised to approach a vastu specialist, who is well-versed with remedies for Vastu. Vastu remedy is a cure to the unrest caused due to disorganized architectural methods and impulsive planning.

Please visit us at and enjoy the energies of Indian interiors, decorate with Vastu elements and energize your home.

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